Pay it forward

One single benevolent act can change the entire course of a venture. 'Pay it forward' is a mandatory mindset that we expect every entrepreneur and investor to live by. We are constantly working on ways to better connect our portfolio and allow founders to share their knowledge, learnings, best practices with others. This can take the form of direct introductions, internal communities and in the past we have even brought our founders together for a 'Kima Day' event in Paris.

We have a large network of co-investors, entrepreneurs and experts that we continue to expand. Our startups have gone on to raise funding from top VC funds such as a16z, Google Ventures, SV Angel, Index Ventures, Greylock and SoftTech VC.


Across the companies we work with, we see a lot of patterns, behaviours and best practices emerge. We expect to share these with our portfolio but also with the public.


To help lower the costs of building a startup, we have put together a set of perks which are offered exclusively to the Kima portfolio with total value of more than $240,000. These perks are offered by our partners and, some of them, exclusively by startups from the Kima Ventures portfolio.

Our partners

And more exclusive offers from our startups