In which sectors do you invest?

Kima Ventures invests in innovative companies at the seed stage. We mainly consider projects in the internet industry at large, as well as mobile, video games, software and telecom applications. We seek to invest in capital-efficient companies that can achieve profitability without needing to raise a lot of money initially. We recommend reading the book Getting Real from 37 Signals in order to better understand our vision of the kinds of companies we look for. We are not investing in cleantech, medical devices and biotech companies.

Why raise money from Kima Ventures?

Kima Ventures is not just a venture fund. Kima Ventures is first and foremost a network of innovative companies around the world. Being part of our network will open the doors of international business and give you better visibility in the marketplace. You can also share the experience of our founders, who are all entrepreneurs, and who will do anything to help you maximize your business. Kima Ventures is designed to assist you in all your strategic decisions.

How much do you invest?

Kima Ventures invests generally 150 000 USD per company. We often have the opportunity to co-invest with business angels and venture funds.

At what stage do you invest?

We invest in the first round, at the seed stage. Kima Ventures is a group of business angels, not bankers. We invest in companies that do not yet have a high pre-money valuation.

How long before I get an answer/investment?

Our decision process is extremely fast. We can give a positive response in less than 2 weeks. Since the Kima Ventures launch, we have received thousands of projects, so we will need a little more time to answer to everyone.

What if I need a lot of money to develop my business?

As we have stated, we invest rapidly (2 to 4 weeks), unlike conventional venture funds (3 to 6 months). So you can raise initial financing from our fund and then raise more money later through traditional venture capital firms. Since we are very close to top tier global investors, obviously we can guide you through this process. However, we invest primarily in companies that do not require much capital before reaching profitability.

What % do you take when you invest in a company?

Everything depends on how far along the company is. We hope to be a significant minority shareholder of the financed company.

In which countries do you invest?

Kima Ventures aims to invest in any country in the world. We already invested in 17 countries.

How to get funding from Kima Ventures?

The first step is to complete the form on our site. Please be clear and concise. We will reply to your inquiry regardless of our interest in your proposal. In the event that we are not interested, we will NOT explain how we reached our decision and most of the time, we will not be able to answer at all.
However, if we are interested, we will contact/call you directly.

We would like to meet you. When? Where?

We are working mostly by email and are never meeting a company for a first presentation before receiving all the informations about a specific project. Please submit them here!

We do not want funding but would like the help of your network and contacts. Is this possible?

Sorry but we only advise companies that are Kima Ventures portfolio companies.

I am an investor and would like to invest in Kima Ventures, is this possible?

Kima Ventures is solely funded by its founders. We are not seeking additional partners for the moment. However, contact us to join our list of potential co-investors.

I work alone and have no team. Can you support me?

We invest primarily in companies with at least two founders. We will, however, consider your project but try to find at least one co-founder ;-)

We are a great team but have no project. Can you help us?

Feel free to contact us. We may have ideas and suggestions for you.

I want you to sign a NDA before I disclose my idea, is this possible?

Kima Ventures receives more than 500 executive summaries per month, so we are unable to sign NDAs. If you think just talking about your idea could lead to the creation of many competitors, you should wait to be more confident before contacting us.

Does Kima Ventures have a link with Iliad / Free?

Kima Ventures has no direct capital link with Iliad/Free, although we share one shareholder.